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That is when The Skirball Cultural Center will graciously allow the first ever Annual Art Affaire LA show to be held in the Skirball’s elegant Guerin Pavilion on Friday, May 20th and Saturday, May 21st. But first, here is a little history on the genesis of Art Affaire LA.

Beginning in 1985, the Contemporary Crafts Market was held at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium until that venue closed three years ago. From there the CCM moved to the Pasadena Convention Center, where the CCM continued to put on their annual June and November shows. That is, until this year. When long time CCM vendor Jane Mohr learned that the 2016 June show had been cancelled, she sprang into action, because, as she says, “It left a lot of vendors homeless this June.” That’s when this admitted “Triple ‘Type A’ Personality” decided to turn this challenge into her first art show.

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Olivia’s latest accomplishment has her gutsy glamour girls jumping off the canvas and into one’s purse or vanity table.  

The cover image on this issue’s Boulevard may be called “Snowflake,” but artist Olivia De Berardinis and partner/husband Joel Beren point out that the vibrant colors and her ethereal expression make the cover girl the perfect depiction of an Earth mother and, therefore, a suitable subject for summer. Joel adds that “Snowflake” refers to the fact that the image Olivia and her model brought to life was truly a one-of-a-kind natural phenomenon like snowflakes themselves.

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Allow us to give you a glimpse into the other-worldly genius of contemporary master surrealist, Daniel Merriam, whose sublime water colors have graced our covers more than any other artist over the last 31 years. 

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A pop culture icon whose art defined and celebrated the awakening consciousness and free spirit of the sixties, Peter Max is today one of the world’s most famous and beloved living artists.

After decades of work and success, and then more work, he has every right, at the age of 77 to rest on his laurels. But rest isn’t what makes him happy. It’s art.

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Allow us to give you a glimpse into the other-worldly genius of contemporary master surrealist, Daniel Merriam, whose sublime watercolors have
graced our covers more than any other artist.
Daniel Merriam and his six siblings grew up in Naples, Maine, a rural town in the southwestern part of the state. The Merriam home was filled with a variety of musical instruments and Daniel’s mother was fond of throwing open the windows while she sang, thereby serenading the neighborhood. He deeply admired his father, Fremont, a structural engineer, noting he was “ methodical and efficient.”

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Of all the great art we’ve published over the past three decades, we are bringing back some of our favorite artists from the Boulevard archives.

Our current cover artist, master hair and makeup stylist Fredy Arboleda, was one of Boulevard’s first advertisers when we brought our magazine to Pasadena. We have crossed paths with more wonderful stylists than we can count,

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Olivia De Berardinis

The Pin-up Girl

Olivia’s art has graced Best of the Boulevard before, her covers are beautiful and seductive.

The cover art for our Anniversary issue is by renowned artist Olivia De Berardinis, whose delectable pin-ups appear each month in Playboy magazine.

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His collectors are rabid—they become so addicted with the work, it fills their homes to the ceilings.

Boulevard magazine has been fortunate enough to publish a number of Todd White’s creations over the years as covers and inside art in the magazine. We love Todd White’s sense of balance and perspective of life and art. The most difficult thing for any artist to do is to add a soul into the art, giving it its own identity, its own personality and life. Todd is able to do just that, and it’s what I love most about his paintings. People collect art because it is personal, it speaks to them or they just love the image. Todd’s work seems to fit into every category. One will find themselves in front of a White painting saying, “I know those people. I’ve been in that situation before…” His collectors are rabid—they become so addicted with the work, it fills their homes to the ceilings. Time and time again I hear them say, “You can’t put a price on a smile.” This has never been truer. I feel privileged to walk into my gallery and see his paintings on the wall.

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